OASIS Announces Keynote Speaker for Borderless Cyber Europe

Borderless Cyber banner

Today’s digital threats are more numerous and sophisticated than ever. As a result, many in the security industry feel organizations can no longer adequately defend their networks by themselves. Those analysts feel the threat environment is evolving too quickly. Modern threats know no boundaries, they argue, which is why companies and governments alike need to work together to improve their state of preparedness.

Recognizing that need for collaboration, OASIS (who has partnered with CDM Media on our CISO global event portfolio) will be hosting Borderless Cyber Europe on 8-9 September, 2016 in Brussels.

In collaboration with its partners, OASIS has designed the conference to provide expert insight on the international advances in threat sharing intelligence. More specifically, attendees will learn how to take advantage of existing or build their own threat intelligence sharing communities as well as access digital threat information. Industry experts will infuse those lessons with their own real-world use cases involving threat information sharing, which will empower security practitioners to enact change at their respective organizations after the conference.

Delegates will hear from keynote speaker, Andrus Ansip, vice Andrus_Ansip Portraitpresident for the European Commission’s Digital Single Market initiative, who has been instrumental in negotiating the EU-US Privacy Shield designed to protect user privacy while allowing for trans-Atlantic trade.

“Data flows between our two continents are essential to our society and economy – we now have a robust framework ensuring these transfers take place in the best and safest conditions.” Ansip said.

The nature of today’s threats is such that information security professionals aren’t the only ones who should be learning about digital threats.

For an organization to improve its state of preparedness, the chief information security officer (CISO) and other IT security managers also need to keep their thumb on the pulse of the latest threat information. That effort should involve the following:

• Understanding how the EU-United States Privacy Shield is designed to protect users’ privacy and what implications it will have for their organization.
• Leveraging the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to understand their data protection risks as they oversee the development and operation of cybersecurity programs.
• Learning how to automate threat intelligence sharing and how to respond to threats more quickly by making use of new simplified versions of STIX, TAXII and CybOX.

Borderless Cyber Europe will explore all of these topics and more.

To help executives capitalize on the latest threat intelligence, OASIS would like to extend a special VIP CISO conference pass to executives responsible for developing, influencing and managing cyber threat information, risk management and corporate governance in the public and private sectors.

CISOs in the CDM community who are interested in receiving a VIP pass are asked to contact jane.harnad@oasis-open.org by the closing date midnight (PST) 31 July 2016.

Those who are selected will be notified by 5 August. (Please note that travel, subsistence, and other expenses will not be covered by the pass.)

By design, Borderless Cyber Europe will provide a collaborative, peer-to-peer exchange of information through interactive sessions that encourage attendees to share best practices, successful case studies, and insight into how threats can be managed and resolved. Security practitioners and managers alike can then take those insights and use them to build relationships and make the most out of threat information sharing tools/open source standards at the organizational level.

Please join OASIS in September by registering for Borderless Cyber Europe today!

This post comes courtesy from one of CDM Media’s trusted partners. Whether it be an industry association or a news outlet, our partners provide a fresh perspective on trending topics in innovation. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS promotes industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for security, Internet of Things, cloud computing, energy, content technologies, emergency management, and other areas. For more information, visit https://www.oasis-open.org/.

Trendy Tech Prizes

Not only did attendees come away from our 3-day national summit (CIO, CISO, Big Data and Cloud) with key takeaways, but also some amazing, trendy tech gadgets thanks to their feedback!

We love feedback. We want to know it all! Our team encourages event goers to bring on the comments about sessions, the app and the event flow in general. We soak it up since it helps drive our content in invaluable ways and keeps us on the pulse of what our attendees want. And what better way to snag this feedback than pepper them with prizes!

At the trifecta of events we hosted in Chicago this week (the CIO Summit US, CISO Summit US and Big Data Summit at the JW Marriott), sponsors wowed attendees with some savvy tech items and gift cards for those who gave the most feedback. What were the top trends from these cool technology companies? Wearable tech! Check out most sought-after prizes and the event sponsors who donated them:

1. iPad Mini – Adobe
ipad mini final
2. Garmin Smartwatch (2)- Rimini Street
garmin  smartwatch
3. Amazon Kindle Fire – Velostrata
amazon kindle fire
4. Apple Watch – Coho Data & Equinix
apple watch

Thanks to all the sponsors that donated amazing prizes!

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Meet Jamie!

CDM Media employees come from all over the world and from different educational backgrounds. We want to not only celebrate the diversity and successes within our company, but share them! We will be starting to highlight some of our team’s success stories, starting with Relationship Manager, Jamie!

jamie in aspen 2 with bear jamie in aspen 1

Q: What was your major in college?
A: I double majored in Global Studies and Spanish at the University of Illinois.

Q: Did you have a plan to go into sales? If not, would you say sales was a good move for you?
A: I really didn’t plan on going into sales! While searching for jobs during my senior year, I was careful to find something that sounded like me on paper. I came across CDM Media, and while I did not have a background in B2B sales, I thought it seemed like a lot of fun. And I was right. The environment is fun and exciting, and there are new opportunities every day to grow as a salesperson. But more than anything, it’s been a fantastic learning experience. Not only have I learned about such an incredible and rapidly growing industry, but I’ve also developed numerous useful skills as a young, new professional.

Q: How long have you been with CDM Media? What did you notice right away when you started?
A: I’ve been with the company about 10 months. I started just two weeks after graduating! I quickly noticed everyone in the office is really helpful when you need it, which is great because I love to ask questions!

Q: You just won a trip to Aspen through CDM Media – tell us about it!
A: The Trip to Aspen was amazing! I got to bring a guest and we had a blast! We aren’t big skiers but loved spending time exploring downtown Aspen and trying out new restaurants. Aspen is so beautiful and so was the resort. It was such a nice, relaxing extended weekend! I felt privileged to have already won such an incredible trip!

Interested in joining our team? Apply here.

Favorite Event Venues

Finding the perfect venue for an event that will not only meet the expectations of your attendees but also look the part can be difficult but with 80 annual summits, CDM Media has this perfected. While we use venues from San Francisco to Paris to Cape Town and everywhere in between, we definitely have our favorites!

With the help of our event management and delegation teams, we have narrowed down the list to our top 5 favorite venues!

1. Ritz-Carlton Montreal: Fun fact – the Ritz-Carlton Montreal was the first Ritz-Carlton built! Our team all agreed this was their favorite venue! Not only does it have a historic presence but is also top-notch with their customer service.

ritz inside montreal

2. The Landmark London: This luxury hotel is one of the most popular 5 star hotels in London and among our events team. The combination of British elegance and amazing facilities has us swoon!

landmark london

3. The Westin Paris – Vendome: What’s not to love about Paris? Especially if you’re staying at the Westin Paris. It’s centrally-located and is walking distance from shopping and sightseeing. This hotel mixes Parisian chic with modern design and technology.

westin vendome terrace

4. The Phoenician: This award-winning luxury resort has our hearts! Not only is the weather superb but the view is amazing! Guests can enjoy the exquisite gold course, also!

phoenician balcany

5. JW Marriott Chicago: Located in one of the world’s most powerful financial districts and in the heart of one of the largest cities in the U.S., the JW Marriott Chicago is a downtown favorite. This landmark Chicago luxury hotel displays the renowned architecture of world-famous Daniel Burnham.

jw marriott chicago

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Top 5 Travel Accessories

If you’re hyper-organized and a frequent-flyer like the gals from our Client Services Event Management team, you know all the tricks of the trade for efficient and stress-free traveling! In case you’re not, we have broken it down to the top five most valuable travel accessories, according to Event Manager Kelsey Freese.

girl at airport

1. Portable phone charger: “We always carry fully-charged portable phone chargers with us to the airport. A dead phone is not an option! Plus, they barely take up any space in my purse or carry-on.”

2. Something cozy: “A scarf that doubles as a blanket is the perfect item to keep you comfortable and warm in the airport and during the plane ride.”

3. Vitamin C: “I always make sure to not only drink Emergen-C before traveling but I pack a few packets, too! It’s inevitable one of us usually gets sick after travelling but this helps keep us healthy and moving.”

4. In-flight entertainment: “Before I head to the airport, I double check that I have my headphones and my iPad. The other girls bring their books, too. We make sure we have something to keep us entertained.”

5. Refillable water bottle: “If you’re an avid traveler, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on water bottles and snacks. I always have an empty refillable water bottle in tote. After security, I fill it up and avoid purchasing a bottled water. I bring my own snacks, too!”


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Passion is Contagious

Dictionary.com defines passion as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.” So, if that’s passion then what comes with it? In my opinion: focus, learning, interest and continuous improvement. Passionate individuals and organizations never stop learning, and in terms of customers, your passionate ones are often those that are most loyal, vocal, and importantly, most valuable.

I’ve got a long list of things that I’m passionate about, I don’t want to bore you, but on there would be: UK chocolate, Wagamama (delicious noodle house in the UK… unfortunately not available in Chicago. Sad face), Scotland, NFL Football (Bear Down!) and of course marketing. On marketing, and specifically event management, I’ve always been passionate about it and I like to think I always will be. I did it for 4 years many moons ago at university, have worked in this field since graduation, and everyday know that this is the job for me. I’m not saying there aren’t days when marketing and event management isn’t the top of my fav list – ask some of my colleagues in the CDM Media Chicago office, the stories they could tell! But to this day, I’ve never got home and started looking into how I change careers to become a dentist, carpenter or Shetland Pony Breeder. In fact, with my passion comes an interest in advancing my knowledge and performance, and in turn improving myself, my team, and the products and services that we as CDM Media can provide to our customers.

In my opinion, for organizations that want to make waves in their industry, and stand out as the best, one of the secrets is to get passionate about your customers, and make them get passionate about you.  Care about how they get treated, learn about what they want, and then go out of your way to deliver it! Don’t just find out why they like you, find out why they love you. And when you know why they love you, make sure you’re delivering these products/services/traits to them, and others like them, in spades. Go beyond what is expected or required, show off your passion and theirs will follow.

At CDM Media being passionate about our customers, our attending delegates, and our products is a way of life. Nothing gets me more excited than connecting with our clients and being able to ‘go beyond the call of duty’ by delivering a superior level of service and understanding. Within the Client Services and Event Management team we don’t rest on our laurels, but we certainly don’t do just enough to get by. I’m surrounded by a highly talented team that everyday comes into the office determined to go out of their way to over deliver and ‘wow’ on all levels. We want to be the best and provide the best to our customers, so in turn they become as passionate about our products and services as we are. Beyond anything, passion is infectious – creating a product and service level which elevates CDM Media to where customers are feeling that passion enables us as a company to stand out against the many competitors who just don’t get the importance of going that extra mile.

Every company needs to find the passionate voices out there, and let them know you’re not only listening to them, but taking on their comments and feedback. At CDM Media we listen to our customers. Our feedback plan is wide reaching, but includes surveys, checkpoints with our CEO, bi-weekly calls with our clients to cover outstanding actions or to just say ‘hi’. These all work together to form a strategy that culminates in action. Most of all, that is the key; to do something. Passion isn’t something you can just say you are and that’s that. Action speaks louder than words, and not just one-off action, but continuous action. Anything less is just lip service.

I know it’s not as simple as ‘getting it done’, and many ducks need to be in a row for this to happen – including Executive support, people, budgets etc. However, without a vision, and a commitment to achieving that vision, the norm will remain just that – normal, beige, ‘just ok’. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of many examples of cutting edge companies that are ‘just ok’…. and for Rachel Tait, the Client Services and Event Management Team, and CDM Media, just ok isn’t an option.

We put the FUN in Fundraising!

It’s always a joy to have the opportunity to give back to the community you live in.  Having the CDM Media headquarters in Chicago, IL gives us several outlets in which we can give a helping hand.   Not only are we giving all of our fundraising money to The Lurie Children’s Hospital, we are also trying to make an impact on the community that surrounds us by donating our clothing, time, and money to those in need.

Our Lurie Children’s Hospital fundraising goal this year is to hit $10,000.  We are about half way there, which is great saying it is already the middle of the year.  Where has the time gone?  Our biggest fundraising event, so far, was Guest Bartending at a local bar McFadden’s.  With six members of our staff behind the bar we made a total of $653 in donation money.  Along with hosting at McFadden’s, we have put together two different sporting event pools/brackets, and also held a loose change competition where hdthe “loser” who made the most money had to wear a hotdog costume. It was quite the site to see.  Some of our upcoming fundraising events will be a silent auction at our CIO Chicago summit which is held at the end of August, a pizza night at California Pizza Kitchen, a baby photo challenge of all employees, and also an end of the year bake sale for that last little push.  It has been a great experience seeing the office come together for such a wonderful cause, like The Lurie Children’s Hospital, and I am excited to see us reach our goal by the end of the year.

Not only are we fundraising for the hospital but we are also doing volunteer work for our community.  During the past couple months we have been collecting gently used business clothes for The Cara Program.  The Cara Program is not only a best-in-class job training and placement provider for individuals affected by homelessness and poverty, but also a vehicle for true life transformation.  As a company we collected over four large bags full of clothing to donate.  A few little things that we have planned throughout the rest of the year consist of a fleece tie blanket making party for the kids of Lurie Children’s hospital, pumpkin craft decorating kits for Lurie’s, food drives during November and December, and also Operation Christmas Child.  One of the best feelings in the world would have to be helping someone who is not as fortunate be able to enjoy life just a little bit better! We, at CDM Media, hope to make lives better this year.

If you are interested in helping out one of our causes please feel free to reach out.  There are also links below to the places we will be working with if you get the urge to start volunteering and helping out in the wonderful city we live in.





Feedback is worth so much more than the paper it’s written on

Recently I’ve upped the ante with my yelp account, and would even go as far to say that I have become a ‘yelper.’ www.yelp.com is an ‘online, urban city guide’ where anyone, anywhere can post a review on products and services ranging from restaurants to vets to state run facilities.  I initially used the social review site as a guide for restaurants, hairdressers, places to watch the Chicago Bears hopefully romp home to victory.  However, in the last few weeks, I’ve graduated from freshmen yelper, to at least sophomore grade, as I’ve also been writing reviews based on my experiences.

To date – I’ve written 11 reviews.  Of these, I’m hitting a ratio of about 50:50 on good experiences vs bad ones…. And to be honest, the good reviews I’ve added in case anyone stumbled across my profile and thought that I was a typical whining Brit.  So, do we provide reviews as a cathartic form of getting a bad experience out of our system? Or do we do it to provide honest feedback to the company and future patrons in the hope of improvements being made or to save someone from the same fate?

I have to admit, when writing up a review about an abysmal Food Truck Fest I went to here in Chicago – my initial reason was because I was so upset with the entire experience and it felt good being able to ‘vent’ in a socially accepted way.  However, if I had a friend asking if I would go again, would I provide the recommendation to avoid it like the plague? Absolutely.  And do I believe, if addressed, a number of my points would improve the experience exponentially? Based on the fact at least 5 other reviews also picked these up, definitely.

Why would a company not want to track feedback of this kind, respond, and ultimately improve their products/services, reduce negative impact of bad word of mouth and create customer advocacy?  This recent survey found that 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive reviews influenced buying decisions, and 86% said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews.

Therefore, now more than ever companies need to put processes in place for not only gathering and monitoring feedback from external outlets and service interactions, but also highlighting what is relevant and doing something about it.  Companies serious about implementing a 360 degree feedback initiative have a number of options available to them:

  1. Create a social media task force: with social media websites like twitter, facebook and forums often being the channel of choice for disgruntled customers, prompt and effective action can turn a potentially damaging experience into a positive example of excellent customer service.  Dedicated teams who monitor and provide timely action via these channels not only diffuse the situation – but often turn dissatisfied customers into some of your best advocates.
  2. Build an online community:  Encourage your customers to come direct to you with questions and issues by building an online presence which is designed to promote discussion, debate and sharing about your organization.  This not only puts you back in control of the feedback process, but customers will often solve each other’s queries via discussion boards and blogs – and if not, automatic routing will schedule a follow up action from an appropriately trained CSR.
  3. Empower your team: Nothing infuriates customers more than being told ‘you should’ve read the small print,’ or ‘I don’t have the authority to do that.’ Throw out the script, and empower your team to go the extra mile when dealing with your most loyal (and profitable!) customers – solving issues before they become worse will reduce detrimental feedback, and show your customers you are invested in them, and in return they will continue to invest in you.
  4. Do something about it! The whole feedback process is redundant if the information you receive sits in an inbox for 6 months with nothing being done about it.. Therefore take action!  Route the feedback to the right person (or people) who can address it, and set service level agreements to ensure that they do.

Your customers are often doing you a favor, highlighting breakdowns in service or potential product improvements – so why not reward them for it with great customer service?  In return, they will reward you with positive word of mouth and, most importantly, their advocacy. I mean, even this moany Brit has written a couple of glowing reviews…..

CDM Office Bowling Tournament Winners!

We’ve said it before that our hard-working CDM crew knows how to have a good time. Here’s the story of our most recent exploits. In a much-needed effort to jolt the CDM team out of a prolonged winter sedentary lifestyle, and to get out some of the competitive tension brought on by the office March Madness pool, we broke into teams and started a bowling tournament a few weeks ago. Following a brief regular season, CDMers moved into a single-elimination playoff. Here were the standings at playoff time:

#1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter

#2 Chance in Norfolk

#3 This Team Is Splittin’

#4 The Bowling Movement

#5 The Jesus and the Holy Rollers

#6 Donny & the Nihilists

#7 Pickles & Pals

#8 The Nightmares on (E)vents (L)ogistics (M)anagement Street

#9 The High Roller Bowlers

#10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers




Round One

Following a slow-moving regular season, #10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers upset #7 Pickles & Pals, ending a season-long drought reportedly centered around a certain elusive, seemingly unhittable No. 5 pin.

Also in the first round, #9 The High Roller Bowlers unleashed the beast on #8 The Nightmares on (E)vents (L)ogistics (M)anagement Street. No scary dreams for the #9 crew!

Round Two

With the playoffs in full swing, #4 The Bowling Movement trumped #6 Donny & the Nihilists to secure a place in the Final Four.

#1 I Can’t believe It’s Not Gutter, led by notoriously relentless captain Nelson Soares, narrowly escaped with the win over #10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers to progress in the bracket.

#3 This team Is Splittin’, with the addition of ex-pat Chris Li, rolled over the #9 The High Roller Bowlers, and #2 Chance in Norfolk, helmed by tenaciously persevering captain Rob Simms, dispatched #5 The Jesus and the Holy Rollers with a resounding 718 score.

The Final Four

Tension and egos on high, #1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter dismantled #4 The Bowling Movement. Witnesses reported that captain Nelson Soares then publicly called out #2 Chance in Norfolk captain Rob Simms—a fierce challenge to win his game and advance to the Championship…where #1 and #2 could fight it out. #2 Chance in Norfolk happily obliged, taking down #3 This Team Is Splittin’.

2013 Championship Game

And then there were two. The captains gathered their crews and set up side-by-side to determine this year’s winner. Who would leave victorious? Which captain would secure bragging rights for the next year? Whose name would go down in CDM bowling history…

A fierce battle ensued, captains taunting and jeering, emotions through the roof. The two leading teams hammered away, keeping scores close throughout. But then #2 Chance in Norfolk mounted a final attack, with every player pushing their individual score above a hundred. In the end, when the smoke cleared, #2 Chance in Norfolk emerged the winner, 573-527.

Congratulations to Chance in Norfolk, our 2013 CDM Media Bowling Tournament Champions! As we move into a much-anticipated summer and continue to progress through CDM’s most exciting and robust year to date, there’s talk of kickball on the wind…and scores to be settled.

And the CIO Canada Summit Award Winners Are…

We’ve just wrapped the CIO Canada Summit—the biggest event in CDM history! Comprising three exciting and engaging days in the bustling and menacingly cold city of Montreal, Quebec, the event featured high-level representation from Canada’s heaviest-hitting companies. Through thought-provoking educational sessions, productive one-on-one meetings and spirited networking opportunities as only the CDM team can arrange, our attendees had the opportunity to introduce their respective companies into a truly unique executive community.

As the leading B2B company in high-level events of this kind, we keep the invitation list down to only the most forerunning industry brands. That said, this community can’t help but notice the most exceptional ones among them, the leaders of the pack leaders so to speak. Accordingly, and per CDM tradition, we’ve honored two attending companies and one end user speaker for their outstanding performance as defined by three distinct award categories.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the 2013 CIO Canada Summit Award winners!

Cisco Systems Canada – Game Changer Award


The Game Changer award is given to the organization deemed most innovative and forward-thinking by all in attendance. Cisco Systems Canada took the award this year for demonstrating outstanding and innovative work in the field.

Ehvert Mission Critical – CIO Choice Award


Winners of the CIO Choice Award have been nominated by members of the delegation, and determined to be the leader of the most highly anticipated session at the summit. Ehvert Mission Critical’s session, “Business Case for Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Your Data Centre,” thoroughly examined the pros and cons of building a data center facility versus collocation.

Richard Hannah, SVP, Information Services & CIO, The Brick – Peer Recognition Award


The Peer Recognition Award is given to a single attendee voted most dynamic in his or her field. This year, the CIO Canada Summit delegation honored Richard Hannah, SVP, Information Services & CIO for The Brick, as an exceptional performer in retail IT.

CDM Media would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners. We would also like to thank all other attending organizations and delegates of the CIO Canada Summit for contributing value through top-notch industry expertise and experience, and generally for just being a great group of people. We look forward to seeing all of you at our Canada events in Toronto and Calgary later this year!