CIO Panelist Lineup Announced for CIO Summit U.S. 2016

SAIC, Honeywell, Costco Wholesale, Graphic Packaging International and McKesson to Discuss “Shadow IT – To Embrace or Eliminate?”


We are pleased to confirm the panelists for the annual CIO Summit U.S. The event will take place at the Hotel Palomar in Phoenix, Arizona from November 6– November 8, 2016 and will highlight the highly-anticipated agenda topic, “Shadow IT-To Embrace or Eliminate?”

The CIO Summit U.S. 2016 continues to focus on the most relevant topics facing today’s CIOs with industry visionaries and senior executives sharing their perspectives. Contributors of this session will include moderator Bob Fecteau, CIO, SAIC and panelists David Jarvis, CIO, Honeywell; Paul Molten, EVP & CIO, Costco Wholesale; Vish Narendra, VP & CIO, Graphic Packaging International and Andrew Zitney, SVP, Infrastructure Services, McKesson. Takeaways will include:

  • Shadow IT is not malicious activity; it is simply the Line of Business user community looking to be efficient and effective
  • A well-developed security program can take Shadow IT into account and incorporate protection mechanisms that allow end user flexibility
  • Embracing Shadow IT does not mean “no holds barred” and end users need to understand the limit of the boundaries and the reason for their existence

To learn more about the event and register today visit:

CIO Summit US:

To view all of our upcoming events, visit CDM Media’s Summit Calendar.

OASIS Announces Keynote Speaker for Borderless Cyber Europe

Borderless Cyber banner

Today’s digital threats are more numerous and sophisticated than ever. As a result, many in the security industry feel organizations can no longer adequately defend their networks by themselves. Those analysts feel the threat environment is evolving too quickly. Modern threats know no boundaries, they argue, which is why companies and governments alike need to work together to improve their state of preparedness.

Recognizing that need for collaboration, OASIS (who has partnered with CDM Media on our CISO global event portfolio) will be hosting Borderless Cyber Europe on 8-9 September, 2016 in Brussels.

In collaboration with its partners, OASIS has designed the conference to provide expert insight on the international advances in threat sharing intelligence. More specifically, attendees will learn how to take advantage of existing or build their own threat intelligence sharing communities as well as access digital threat information. Industry experts will infuse those lessons with their own real-world use cases involving threat information sharing, which will empower security practitioners to enact change at their respective organizations after the conference.

Delegates will hear from keynote speaker, Andrus Ansip, vice Andrus_Ansip Portraitpresident for the European Commission’s Digital Single Market initiative, who has been instrumental in negotiating the EU-US Privacy Shield designed to protect user privacy while allowing for trans-Atlantic trade.

“Data flows between our two continents are essential to our society and economy – we now have a robust framework ensuring these transfers take place in the best and safest conditions.” Ansip said.

The nature of today’s threats is such that information security professionals aren’t the only ones who should be learning about digital threats.

For an organization to improve its state of preparedness, the chief information security officer (CISO) and other IT security managers also need to keep their thumb on the pulse of the latest threat information. That effort should involve the following:

• Understanding how the EU-United States Privacy Shield is designed to protect users’ privacy and what implications it will have for their organization.
• Leveraging the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to understand their data protection risks as they oversee the development and operation of cybersecurity programs.
• Learning how to automate threat intelligence sharing and how to respond to threats more quickly by making use of new simplified versions of STIX, TAXII and CybOX.

Borderless Cyber Europe will explore all of these topics and more.

To help executives capitalize on the latest threat intelligence, OASIS would like to extend a special VIP CISO conference pass to executives responsible for developing, influencing and managing cyber threat information, risk management and corporate governance in the public and private sectors.

CISOs in the CDM community who are interested in receiving a VIP pass are asked to contact by the closing date midnight (PST) 31 July 2016.

Those who are selected will be notified by 5 August. (Please note that travel, subsistence, and other expenses will not be covered by the pass.)

By design, Borderless Cyber Europe will provide a collaborative, peer-to-peer exchange of information through interactive sessions that encourage attendees to share best practices, successful case studies, and insight into how threats can be managed and resolved. Security practitioners and managers alike can then take those insights and use them to build relationships and make the most out of threat information sharing tools/open source standards at the organizational level.

Please join OASIS in September by registering for Borderless Cyber Europe today!

This post comes courtesy from one of CDM Media’s trusted partners. Whether it be an industry association or a news outlet, our partners provide a fresh perspective on trending topics in innovation. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS promotes industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for security, Internet of Things, cloud computing, energy, content technologies, emergency management, and other areas. For more information, visit

Top 5 Travel Accessories

If you’re hyper-organized and a frequent-flyer like the gals from our Client Services Event Management team, you know all the tricks of the trade for efficient and stress-free traveling! In case you’re not, we have broken it down to the top five most valuable travel accessories, according to Event Manager Kelsey Freese.

girl at airport

1. Portable phone charger: “We always carry fully-charged portable phone chargers with us to the airport. A dead phone is not an option! Plus, they barely take up any space in my purse or carry-on.”

2. Something cozy: “A scarf that doubles as a blanket is the perfect item to keep you comfortable and warm in the airport and during the plane ride.”

3. Vitamin C: “I always make sure to not only drink Emergen-C before traveling but I pack a few packets, too! It’s inevitable one of us usually gets sick after travelling but this helps keep us healthy and moving.”

4. In-flight entertainment: “Before I head to the airport, I double check that I have my headphones and my iPad. The other girls bring their books, too. We make sure we have something to keep us entertained.”

5. Refillable water bottle: “If you’re an avid traveler, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on water bottles and snacks. I always have an empty refillable water bottle in tote. After security, I fill it up and avoid purchasing a bottled water. I bring my own snacks, too!”


Curious about where our team is globe trotting to around the world? Check out our global portfolio of summits here!

Increase Your Attendees’ Engagement

Being at an event isn’t enough. At CDM Media, we want participants and attendees to truly soak in information, their surroundings and absorb the forward-thinking ideas being presented to them. So what’s in our bag of tricks for helping keeping attendees engaged? We’re happy to share with you!

back of head full room

1. Keep presentations interactive: We love for our speakers, presenters and moderators to keep the attendees in the audience engaged by asking their opinions, ideas and current issues.

2. Brainstorm as a group: The presenter doesn’t have to be the only one sharing forward-thinking ideas at our sessions. We love for attendees from different companies to speak up and provide feedback, thoughts and brainstorm topics.

3. Keep things moving: Avoid downtime for attendees during sessions. Keep the sessions moving with conversation, debriefs and good transitional topics.

4. Break up the session-style: If you’re doing a PowerPoint presentation with one presenter, try mixing it up the next session so your attendees remain stimulated and help keep boredom at bay. Implementing 1-on-1 meetings helps change up the day, as well.

5. Know your audience: Keep the attendees in mind when creating your presentations and choose information that will be relevant and attention-catching for them.

6. Attention-grabbing graphics: We’ve learned from Dona Wong, author of Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics: The Dos and Don’ts of Presenting Data, Facts and Figures, whether it’s choosing the best chart form for data, using colors gracefully or limiting the number of graphics per slide, be selective to maximize a lasting impression.

Walking for Awareness

CDM Media’s Matt Rymon, of our Cardiff office, has set out on a goal to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, a disease his father was recently diagnosed with.

Matt will be walking five miles a day for a month, totaling 150 miles, and raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.  Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. They help find answers by funding ground-breaking research and lead change by raising the profile of the disease and improving care.

prostate cancer uk

Matt’s goal is to raise £250.00 and you can donate to help him reach that goal here! Help Matt reach his goal AND show support for Prostate Cancer UK. CDM Media is behind you, Matt!

CDM Media is Turning Eight!

Eight years ago in July 2007, CDM Media was founded by our CEO & Founder, Glenn Willis. From the days in the original Hawaii office (which came with the classic “we can see whales from our office” moment) to building out an expansive creative space in Chicago as our HQ, the mission has stayed the same of creating meaningful, lasting business connections through engagement and interaction.


In 2007, a budding CDM Media ran one event, the CIO Finance Summit. The next year, one became three. Now in July 2015, we’ve already run 30+ events and will more than double that by the end of Q4. Let’s take a look at some other milestones from this year alone: 

  • Tripling staff: We are on track to add 55 new Chicago-based positions before the end of the year to support our growing product portfolio. Read about our aggressive growth plan here.
  • HQ expansion: Our Chicago headquarters is moving to a lofty and creative River North space this summer to accommodate our growing team. Like us on Facebook to follow the move!
  • New York, New York!: A modern new NYC office in the heart of the Flatiron District was opened in April and the Big Apple team has doubled in size since.
  • Giving back: Community outreach continues to increase by company-wide support for organizations like Lurie Children’s Hospital at the Run for Kids 5K in Chicago and the World Wildlife Fund in our UK office – who knew we’d make the news by dressing up as wild animals for a good cause?
  • Power clients: We draw participation from brands like Facebook, CapitalOne, Dunkin Brands, SAP, Google, Salesforce, HP, UPS and Lockheed Martin, and this roster continues to grow on a daily basis.
  • Meet Dovetail: Who better to build an event app than an event company? Dovetail is being developed by and for CDM Media, and will soon to be available for event organizers around the world.
  • Business is good: 14 products added to our Q1 portfolio, 20 custom events in 2015, expansion of our CISO and CMO Summit Series, and revenue growth is on pace to surpass our goal of $50M in revenue by 2020. Help us get there!

Today, thousands of professionals around the world are engaged in CDM Media to discuss enterprise issues and challenges that impact their office, and this unique collaboration would not be possible without all of the CDM Media team who have poured their passion into helping to build this company.

We look forward to accomplishing much, more more in the years to come, but since the journey has been such an adventure, let’s first take a trip down memory lane. Over the next two weeks as we gear up to celebrate our eight great years, we’ll share interviews with our longest tenured employees about their fondest and funniest memories and what CDM Media means to them (with classic photos, of course). Hope you enjoy.


On Being Tenacious, Prepared, and Grateful

So, it’s long been an intention of mine to write more/share thoughts. I have no idea if this is vanity getting the better of me, or if it is me being the overly competitive type thinking that the vast amount of Linkedin stories add up to little more than common sense or same old, same old.

I have been putting off writing simply because I had no idea how to start. Whilst in junior school in England I remember many of my English writing teachers tell me that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Now here is the snag: I don’t consider myself to be an industry expert, I don’t consider myself to be a hugely successful entrepreneur, and I don’t think that I am so worldly that I can impart a “zen” like wisdom to all, so coming up with that story was proving tough.

I am sure most of you have heard or are following the earthquakes that devastated much of Nepal. I was with my team in NYC watching video footage from drones, personal cameras, and TV crews that were quick on the scene. The damage to the cities and many of the ancient monuments/temples and other buildings is hard to see. This will become harder as the news develops and more stories emerge about the rising death tolls and utter devastation that the earthquakes and aftershocks have had on one of the world’s less affluent but culturally rich countries. Amongst all of the stories I was particularly taken back by the unfortunate death of the 33-year-old Google X executive that died in the avalanche that destroyed much of Everest Base Camp. This, I suppose, spurred me into writing as he and I were of similar ages and both work in technology. My heart-felt hopes and prayers are with the Nepalese people, as well as all of the people and their friends and family who were caught in tragic circumstances following their dreams of climbing the 29,029 feet to the top of the world.

Image: Nepal earthquake

I was fortunate enough to travel to Nepal in my younger years, spending several weeks on a climb. In a complete plot twist and drawing on my own time in Nepal it was nothing short of amazing. At 18 years young, like most young men, I thought I knew everything and could conquer the world. Then I arrived in Kathmandu. From the minute I stepped out of the Tribuhavan International Airport and with the rest of the group hopped on the bus that would whisk us to the hotel for a much needed sleep after a 20hr trip from Heathrow, I was taken back by the sheer poverty and third-world conditions. I found myself feeling guilty about many things I have complained about (such as the hot water levels in the shower). As I soon found out, I began yearning such comforts of home, the hotel, and even Kathmandu city life. Whilst trekking and climbing, our rations, along with oxygen levels, depleted. We adapted to life eating SPAM fritters and hacking up a lung whilst throwing a snowball or two. Needless to say the couple of months that I was out there would test my personal and mental endurance and in many ways shape some of the values that I hold closest to me. I am very thankful to the Nepalese people and that experience.

How does this draw parallel with my current sales role? Allow me to explain:

Prepare to win…

Those of you whom know me and especially my team in NYC will know that I hate losing.  It is a deep-rooted loathing and something I cannot lose from days of playing competitive sports. I ask the question of all candidates that I interview “Do you like to win, or do you hate to lose?”. Cheesy, but as we know all too well in sales, where we are faced with many setbacks and objections, we need that competitive drive. The drive that, no matter what, we are going to win.

After a restful night’s sleep every night – trust me, walking 4-10miles and on average climbing the height of Ben Nevis (UK’s highest mountain) every day, it was restful – we would wake up to our Sherpa bringing us “milk tea” (interesting fact: Yak milk is pink!). After the morning routine of milk tea, bathing in a tiny water bowl (size of a dog bowl), chowing down on chef’s preparation (usually involving SPAM), we would pack up our bags and head out. Makalu is a 2-3 week trek from Tumlingtar Airport through some amazing lowlands and along the Arun River before you hit the Shipton Pass (whereby you know lowlands are no more and the trek becomes a climb to the base camp and beyond). I was always amazed that, despite leaving an hour after the rest us, the support team would overtake us half way through the morning to set up lunch and would repeat the same overtake again in the afternoon to set up camp. I was amazed at the support team of Sherpa and especially porters (generally a mix of older men and women whom carried on average 50-80lbs of equipment and supplies on crates attached to rope which was strung around there foreheads). In short, at 18 and being an avid swimmer, rower, and rugby player I thought I could beat them. I failed badly. I am sorry to say that there isn’t a comeback win for me here, it was just loss, after loss, after loss as they passed me by every morning and afternoon. That said I was very happy with this arrangement at times when temperatures were sub zero and the wind would kick up. Seeing those orange tents in the distance was a welcome sight indeed.


Preparing for the job at hand and never failing to stop learning are key in sales as they are in beating a spotty teenager up a mountain. Applying what learning I can from the experience, I know that I was beaten by an expert; someone who had over the past 30-40 years practiced and practiced and most importantly where far more prepared. Nothing beats consistent hard work and my elderly Nepalese friends handed me a beating to remember.

Tenacity can’t be trained…

On the sales team we work hard. I always remember resenting a certain sales manager/come CEO a little in the past for saying I needed to work harder. In retrospect he was probably right, there is always room to work harder and I know as I too dole out the same line of “you need to work harder”. I do so not to annoy, but to help with a persistent determination to win. This persistent determination or tenacity I believe is something that only the individual – that’s you – can have.

Climbing and trekking in the Himalayas comes with its challenges, as does sales. Preparing oneself will only get you so far; after that you just have to do it. No one will drag you up a mountain, and no one will get you that sale but you. The very best in climbing and in sales are persistently determined. I don’t know if he is the best climber, but perhaps one of the most known, Edmund Hilary who climbed Everest in 1953, being the first man to do so along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Hillary had climbed 11 peaks in the Himalayas before attempting Everest, and he climbed another 10 peaks after. I can only talk about the tenacity needed in sales and it is immense.

Sir Hillary and Norgay smile after summitting the Mt. Everest

Perhaps the same phrase is said in climbing as it is in sales, in that you are only as good as your last deal or peak in the case of a climber. The best sales people are those that are always seeking out the next deal just as much as they are chasing down the direct dial, lead, or whatever the task at hand maybe. Like climbers, father time catches up with sales people. That’s not to say we burn out, just that we need to work at pace as you never know who else is trying to get into the sale. We need to conquer it first just like Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing did in 1953, a good 3 years before the next. Imagine what we can do inside 3 years with a client without any competition knocking on the doors.

Be grateful for what you have…

Since coming to NYC, I have been constantly amazed by this city same as I was in Kathmandu, though for very different reasons. NYC literally has everything you can ever think of, in Kathmandu its the opposite. Yet like any great city, the underlying culture helps shape the growth, architecture, and people. Not to say that New Yorkers aren’t appreciative of what they have, as I think any true New Yorker would defend the city till they are out of breath. But Kathmandu’s people are hardy (hearty?). Unfortunately they will need to be more so than ever. There is a deep religious and spiritual undertone within the city, something that I feel that Western cities and other modern cities have probably lost. The Nepali people are hard working and respectful of others. The Namaste greeting, which follows you around Nepal everywhere you go, literally means, “I bow to the divine in you”.

Whilst on my journey up Makalu I befriended one of the junior Sherpa. He’s someone I have kept in contact with in the years since and someone who I hope to visit soon. His annual salary of 32,000 Rupees (about $500) was back then a good salary compared to some. He wore an old Barcelona soccer jersey and pants and his boots were hand-me-downs from a group 3 years before and well worn. I can’t fathom how many miles and how many feet he had traversed up and down the Himalayan Mountains. Yet not once did he complain about his job, and was all the more happy to go out of his way to help me barter for a can of Pepsi or whatever else I was craving. I haven’t heard from him since the disaster and I hope he is OK, which I am sure he is. We nicknamed him “the Cat” for his ability to always land on his feet despite the tumbles and trips that happen at altitude.


I don’t mean to overdo this lesson but sometimes in sales and with the company you are with, whether that is CDM Media or otherwise, it’s always good to take a step back and appreciate what you have got versus what you haven’t. That’s not to say that you don’t prepare and work tenaciously to get what you want, but be appreciative of what you have and the others around you.

So I hope this satisfies my English teachers and that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I will be back soon with my next post after some thinking about what to write and welcome your ideas and input. If you are interested in helping the plight of the Nepalese there are several great charities helping, but here is a less well-known one that helps the Sherpa and porters who contribute to the Tourism industry that is the largest part of the Nepal economy.

Thanks to my friend, The Cat, and the Nepalese people. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during some tough times. I hope to be out there enjoying another Tongba soon enough.

CDM Media Announces Regional Spring Series Call for Speakers

Today we announced the Call for Speakers for our upcoming 2015 regional summits. It’s not easy to get away from the office, so the Regional Summit Series is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of us coming to you! These CIO/CISO Summits will gather top IT executives across several vertical markets to discuss each industry’s hot topics, trends and challenges in a unique setting. Watch the 2015 CIO Regional Summit Series video and see our press release below!

Map of Q2 Regional Summit Series 2015.

Map of Q2 Regional Summit Series 2015.

CDM Media Announces Regional Spring Series Call for Speakers: Industry-Leading CIO/ CISO Summits Seek Thought Leaders for Panel Discussions

Chicago, IL, April 23, 2015 – CDM Media, the leading B2B technology marketing and media firm, today announced that it is looking to add additional thought leaders to its upcoming regional CIO/ CISO Summits taking place in Charlotte, NC; Houston, TX; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; and Southern CA. With uniquely designed, laser-focused sessions that tackle some of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today, the CDM Media C-Suite Summits empower attendees to meet IT-related demands head-on.

Speaker qualifications include holding a position as a senior level decision maker of a major organization (SVP, C-Suite, EVP) and/or executive level experience within a major institution with a direct and relevant focus. To submit speaker proposals, visit:

CIO Charlotte Summit, May 19, 2015-

CISO Charlotte Summit, May 19, 2015-

CIO Houston Summit, May 21, 2015-

CIO Boston Summit, June 11, 2015-

CIO Denver Summit, June 23, 2015-

CIO GAS Summit, Frankfurt, Germany, June 23, 2015-

CISO Southern California Summit, June 25, 2015-

CIO Southern California Summit, June 25, 2015-

To learn more about CDM Media’s Summit regional summit portfolio, visit:

One Week, Two Coasts

Greetings from San Francisco!

Our CMO Summit U.S. started today at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. High-level marketing executives and CMO’s from Facebook, Tesla, Accenture and more are gathering together at this exclusive event to address industry challenges and gain actionable insight for key marketing segments.

Our partners at Bluewolf have brought along their CEO and CMO to keynote the CMO Summit U.S. Attendees will learn the three pillars needed to begin their own customer journey marketing, why marketers need to fall in love with data, not technology, and the importance of messaging strategies and storytelling for B2B and B2C. Learn more in their press release here!

golden gate

Meanwhile, other members of the CDM Media team along with our CEO, Glenn Willis, are wrapping up in New York City (from the comfort of our new NYC office!) from this week’s very successful CIO Summit New York and CISO Summit New York. Various companies including Estée Lauder,, Citi, UBS, Barneys New York, L’Oreal, HBO and Wells Fargo were represented onsite to collaborate on trending topics and share challenges to build off one another’s experiences.


In true CDM Media style, we created dynamic events, built connections and conquered yet another busy week of world-class summits together. On to the next!


CDM Media Closes Out Q1 2015 with Exciting Growth and Expansion

New York, New York!

“Start spreading the news”…. we’re so excited to be getting settled in our new New York office! Read all about it in our latest press release:

CDM Media Closes Out Q1 2015 with Exciting Growth and Expansion: Leading B2B Firm Adds 14 Events to Product Portfolio, New York City Team Moves into New Flatiron District Office


Chicago, IL, April 2, 2015 – CDM Media, the leading B2B technology marketing and media firm, today announced that it has already exceeded growth expectations as it closes out the first quarter of 2015. Between the solid year-on-year increase of 14 summits in the first half of the year with 11 already completed in Q1, and the addition of its Cardiff, UK office as an EMEA branch of its United States operations, CDM Media is especially excited to unveil its new, expanded New York City presence in the Flatiron District. This new space supports the company’s expectation to triple its headcount in 2015 with added senior and entry-level sales, client services and events management positions across all of its locations.

“We wanted a creative space in the heart of the city’s exciting high tech sector. The new Flatiron office triples the square footage for our growing New York team, as we plan to add ten jobs to this office by the end of Q2,” said Glenn Willis, Founder, Chairman & CEO of CDM Media. “This is an incredibly transformative time, both in terms of our growth and the product portfolio we offer. I’m proud of the overall expansion because this translates into a boost for us, our partners and the delegates we bring together.”

CDM Media’s growth is in direct response to the success of its global C-suite elite summits. 2015 had already proven to be the year of unprecedented changes and evolution across many industries, including security, marketing, utilities, enterprise IT and healthcare.

CDM Media has been on the ground floor in assisting C-level executives in addressing the challenges that accompany each market. In New York and Chicago alone there are several upcoming key events:

CIO Summit New York, April 14, 2015, New York Hilton Midtown:

CISO Summit New York, April 14, 2015, New York Hilton Midtown:

ITSO Summit New York, April 15, 2015, Gansevoort Park Avenue:

Mobility Summit, June 23-24, 2015, Westin Chicago River North:

CIO Midmarket Summit, June 23-24, 2015, Westin Chicago River North:

CIO Cloud Summit, June 25-26, 2015, Westin Chicago River North:

To learn more about CDM Media’s C-Suite Summit series, visit: