The Media Wants to Know: The Impact of HITECH Act and HIPAA on Healthcare IT Outsourcing

CDM Media’s Senior Director of Content & C-Suite Communities, James Quin is regularly cited in various media stories across a variety of industries. But leading up to these article inclusions are many conversations and insightful commentaries which don’t always make the publication. In this weekly (or more!) new section, James shares his responses to a myriad of tech topics he discusses with journalists. 

A proposed regulation under the HITECH Act will provide healthcare consumers the right to learn of personal data disclosures. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists now need to focus on regulators’ renewed attention to this long-dormant HIPAA issue. James Quin weighs-in on the storyhands

“The issues with breach notification are numerous, as we’ve seen in other industries. First is the assessment of what was breached and who was affected – regulators tend to err on the side of ‘if you can’t define exactly who/what was affected, you must assume everyone/everything.’ This makes breach notification significantly more complex and more expensive. As a result, the first hurdle to overcome is being in a position to actually understand what is happening with your data at all times. This brings us to the outsourcing-specific angle, that being responsibility in the event of data loss – who holds it between the client and the provider and what measures and controls can be put in place contractually to manage any potential breach.”

Successful CIO Healthcare Summit!

The team returned to Honolulu this week from a successful CIO Healthcare Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we’d like to extend a special thank you to all of the delegates and sponsors who participated in the event!

Pictures of the event can be found on our  Flickr page:

Highlights from this year’s agenda included: 

  • Dr. Charles Kennedy’s, VP Health IT, Wellpoint, National Health IT Policy Committee,keynote on the HITECH Act
  • The CIO Executive Visions Panels on improving patient care, moderated by Jack Santos, CIO Executive Strategist, Burton Group 
  • Steve Aylward’s, GM, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft, presentation on solutions and technologies that enable better care and outcomes

The CIO Executive Think-tank sessions, which were new to this year’s summit agenda, allowed executives to have candid conversations  in a roundtable, sponsor-free environment. With no pre-determined discussion topics, executives were able to guide the conversation around the issues that were most important to them and their organizations. 

The next CIO Healthcare Summit will be held December 12-15, 2010. If you’re interested in participating in the event, please contact Nick Backhouse, Event Director, CIO Healthcare Summit at 808-694-3600 or