6 Cloud Computing Takeaways from the CTO Telecom/CIO CME Summit

For the telecom, media and entertainment CIOs and IT executives in attendance at the recent CTO Telecom/CIO CME Summit, the question is no longer whether or not to utilize cloud computing, but how to best utilize it.

Key takeaways:

  • The notion that the cloud is less secure does not match the rational. In many ways, the cloud is more secure than enterprises against many types of attacks.
  • It is imperative to partner with cloud computing vendors who will be good long-term partners. Very few cloud providers are currently able to build a complete enterprise spectrum.
  • Consumers buy into the outcome and the experience of the cloud, but are uncomfortable with the nuts and bolts of the technology. Consumers are excited about unified data management, single menu access, auto backup, the ability to access content across many devices, etc.
  • Cloud computing is a general approach that can be applied to all areas of the enterprise. This implies that organizations can make the best use of scarce capital by increasing collaboration among silos, driving a new imperative of collaboration among senior leadership.
  • The fundamental mistake that people make about cloud economics is that they just look at unit cost without realizing that the key element of the value proposition is pay per use pricing.
  • When enterprises utilize a hybrid approach to IT architecture, the enterprise can achieve high utilization by handling the baseline part of the workload and allowing the cloud computing service provider to handle peak workload. Example: Online retailers could allow their cloud service provider to handle their peak traffic during cyber Monday.

For more cloud computing insight, watch the Cisco presentation video: “Tapping the Potential of Next Generation Consumer Connected Life Experiences.”

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