A Whole Different Ballgame

The CDM team after our Big Win

It’s one thing to have a job. It’s another thing to have a job you enjoy. But it’s something special when you have a job you love and coworkers you like enough to hang out with well and above the requisite 40 hours. CDM Media has always boasted a fun environment for its employees, and this summer was no exception. For the past eight weeks, CDM’ers have gathered every Tuesday evening to compete in a Chicago summer softball league.
Now, It wasn’t taboo that watching the CDM softball team didn’t exactly equate to a day at Yankee Stadium (one at Wrigley Field, maybe). But despite CDM’s final record (an abysmal 1-5, with one nail-biting tie), at each game you could expect to find CDM’ers laughing and whooping it up on the bench. This may have been due to the cold cases of Bud light always on hand, or perhaps something magical in the Lincoln Park air. Maybe we’re just straight-up fun people. In any case, we had a great turnout every week because CDM’ers not only enjoy working alongside one another, but also spending free time together.

We certainly work hard, play hard and enjoy showing off (or for some us, showcasing some truly embarrassing athletic abilities). So, as we move into the fall months, we’ve only got one question: WHAT SPORT LEAGUE WILL BE NEXT?

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