CDM Office Bowling Tournament Winners!

We’ve said it before that our hard-working CDM crew knows how to have a good time. Here’s the story of our most recent exploits. In a much-needed effort to jolt the CDM team out of a prolonged winter sedentary lifestyle, and to get out some of the competitive tension brought on by the office March Madness pool, we broke into teams and started a bowling tournament a few weeks ago. Following a brief regular season, CDMers moved into a single-elimination playoff. Here were the standings at playoff time:

#1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter

#2 Chance in Norfolk

#3 This Team Is Splittin’

#4 The Bowling Movement

#5 The Jesus and the Holy Rollers

#6 Donny & the Nihilists

#7 Pickles & Pals

#8 The Nightmares on (E)vents (L)ogistics (M)anagement Street

#9 The High Roller Bowlers

#10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers




Round One

Following a slow-moving regular season, #10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers upset #7 Pickles & Pals, ending a season-long drought reportedly centered around a certain elusive, seemingly unhittable No. 5 pin.

Also in the first round, #9 The High Roller Bowlers unleashed the beast on #8 The Nightmares on (E)vents (L)ogistics (M)anagement Street. No scary dreams for the #9 crew!

Round Two

With the playoffs in full swing, #4 The Bowling Movement trumped #6 Donny & the Nihilists to secure a place in the Final Four.

#1 I Can’t believe It’s Not Gutter, led by notoriously relentless captain Nelson Soares, narrowly escaped with the win over #10 Slick Trick and the Hardballers to progress in the bracket.

#3 This team Is Splittin’, with the addition of ex-pat Chris Li, rolled over the #9 The High Roller Bowlers, and #2 Chance in Norfolk, helmed by tenaciously persevering captain Rob Simms, dispatched #5 The Jesus and the Holy Rollers with a resounding 718 score.

The Final Four

Tension and egos on high, #1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter dismantled #4 The Bowling Movement. Witnesses reported that captain Nelson Soares then publicly called out #2 Chance in Norfolk captain Rob Simms—a fierce challenge to win his game and advance to the Championship…where #1 and #2 could fight it out. #2 Chance in Norfolk happily obliged, taking down #3 This Team Is Splittin’.

2013 Championship Game

And then there were two. The captains gathered their crews and set up side-by-side to determine this year’s winner. Who would leave victorious? Which captain would secure bragging rights for the next year? Whose name would go down in CDM bowling history…

A fierce battle ensued, captains taunting and jeering, emotions through the roof. The two leading teams hammered away, keeping scores close throughout. But then #2 Chance in Norfolk mounted a final attack, with every player pushing their individual score above a hundred. In the end, when the smoke cleared, #2 Chance in Norfolk emerged the winner, 573-527.

Congratulations to Chance in Norfolk, our 2013 CDM Media Bowling Tournament Champions! As we move into a much-anticipated summer and continue to progress through CDM’s most exciting and robust year to date, there’s talk of kickball on the wind…and scores to be settled.

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