Three’s Company: Cardiff, NYC and Chicago Unite!

Some companies have checked out for the year and will start fresh in January, but CDM Media leaves everything on the floor.

The Cardiff and NYC teams have all arrived at our Chicago HQ to unite for a memorable and impactful trip. The goal is to bring our momentum together to carry out an enthusiastic and productive week to close out 2014, but the Chicago office is still finding time to showcase one of our many talents: eating good food, and plenty of it.

Giordano’s pizza, classic local sandwiches, quiche, cookies, brownies and more (hello, Portillo’s). We’re already enjoying this dynamic week together of good work, good food, and good times and look forward to closing out many more December’s to come.

CDM Media team at our building's holiday party

Members of the CDM Media team at our building’s holiday party. Don’t let them fool you, anyone not holding food was about to!


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