CDM Media Turns Eight: Ben Sochacki Interview

As we gear up to celebrate CDM Media’s eighth anniversary, we’re sharing interviews with our longest tenured employees about their fondest and funniest memories and what CDM Media means to them (with classic photos, of course). Hope you enjoy.

Ben Sochacki

Tell us about your role at CDM Media. 

My role at CDM is to work closely with the BDM & RM teams to ensure they are achieving their personal and professional goals. Obviously a large part of that is working with the teams so that we hit not only our summit goals but also the office targets

Why did you join CDM Media? How many years have you been on board? 

I joined CDM Media nearly 5.5 years ago to start my career in sales. I just happened to be pitching CDM Media on services I was selling at my previous company, in the dead of winter in Chicago, and after a few discussions I asked for the opportunity to join the company. My understanding of CDM at the time was that the company was a young, scrappy organization that was looking to change the way that events were produced. The culture sounded great and at the time CDM was based out of Hawaii so that didn’t hurt either J

How has CDM Media impacted your career?

CDM has provided me with a lot of opportunities over the years, not only from a professional perspective, but personal as well. Moving from Chicago to Hawaii in 2010, back to Chicago in 2011, and a few flights for events in between I have truly enjoyed the traveling. I also have had the opportunity to learn from some great people; some on the sales side and others on CSEM/operation areas. My time at CDM has allowed me to grow as a sales professional and I look forward to what comes in the future with the continued expansion.

Do you have a most memorable experience?

There are quite a few memorable experiences which come to mind, probably too many to list. There are definitely a couple which make me chuckle when thinking about them, especially outside of the office with the company days out, but I’ll never forget my first deal:

  • My First Deal – It had been a long 3 months, to the day I believe, and I didn’t have a clue that the contract went out let alone it actually coming back. Mark pulled me into the conference room and I thought I had done something wrong…until he said that I had a contract in. He told me how much it was and given I had just started and didn’t really understand most of what mark said with his accent, I thought he said $90,000! Turned out it was $19,000 instead L

What is your favorite thing about working at CDM Media?

It has to be the people! I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people over the past 5 years, many of which have become good friends, whether they are still with the company, or have left. In my opinion, people are the most important thing about any company, as if you don’t have the right ones with the right attitude then it’s tough to grow as an organization. I’m very happy to say that we have a great group across the board in all offices!

If CDM Media were a person, what would you buy as an anniversary present?

Working on it…..

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