CDM Media Turns Eight: Mike Deedigan Interview

As we gear up to celebrate CDM Media’s eighth anniversary, we’re sharing interviews with our longest tenured employees about their fondest and funniest memories and what CDM Media means to them (with classic photos, of course). Hope you enjoy.

Mike Deedigan

Tell us about your role at CDM Media. 

I am responsible for managing the recruiting process from end-to-end, including developing the resource plans, strategies, and action plans for candidate sourcing across the company.  Following the selection of candidates, I coordinate the induction of all staff with the relevant department heads.  For the sales teams, I conduct the company induction training program and provide the heads of sales the tools to educate, assess, manage, and develop the performance of the sales teams.

Why did you join CDM Media? How many years have you been on board? 

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, for a few different event companies, prior to joining CDM, it was refreshing to hear the different ideas and plans that Glenn had to evolve from the norm and differentiate CDM from other organizations in the market.  I knew that with those ideas and the passion behind them to be a big success; I was joining a company that was definitely going places and was joining at the right time when I was offered a role.  Of course the idea of living in Hawaii for 6 months prior to a relocation to Chi town was also pretty attractive in itself!  I will have been with CDM 5 years on the 15th of August

How has CDM Media impacted your career?

It has impacted my career immensely and has given me the opportunity to develop a wide range of my abilities.  Having been involved in the build out and growth of 5 different offices in 4 different cities and 2 countries, meeting many good people along the way, you learn a huge amount about yourself, others and how to get things done.   I have enjoyed watching not just the impact CDM Media has had on my own career but that of many others within the company over the past 5 years and the enormous opportunities the company has offered them and myself.  There has been a lot of great success shared over what has been a fantastic journey so far.

Do you have a most memorable experience?

There have been many memorable moments for me over the past 5 years however, one of my favorites and earliest memories was the very first CDM Christmas party I attended.  The venue was outside in Hawaii at a luxury hotel overlooking the beach and ocean, a setting that has been proven hard to beat.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDM Media?

The company is always striving to get better and better. As a company we never want to settle with any type of complacency. The company provides a platform that gives everyone involved the opportunity to perform better than they did the day before, every day that we turn up.

If CDM Media were a person, what would you buy as an anniversary present? 

Well a good bottle of champagne of course on an anniversary!

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