Thought Leader’s Corner: What Makes a Healthcare Innovation Worthy of Acceptance and Adoption?

CDM Media’s Senior Director of Content & C-Suite Communities, James Quin, was recently featured as a Thought Leader in Healthcare Innovation News. Check out “What Makes a Healthcare Innovation Worthy of Acceptance and Adoption?” below. 

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Healthcare in the United States has been in a perilous state for many years; routinely, America is determined to offer the worst healthcare in the developed world and to do so at the highest price. And by “highest,” I mean nearly two times the average. At a baseline then, anything that will rectify this situation by either improving service or reducing cost (or ideally both) is something that must be considered. Of course, that’s rather a broad scope (not necessarily a bad thing because it shows there’s lots of opportunity for improvement), so let’s tighten things down.

One of the big pushes in medicine and patient care right now is the paradigm shift away from making sick people healthy and towards preventing healthy people from becoming sick. As your grandmother always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and from a cost perspective, she was right. But prevention means actively engaging people while they are healthy, and this is the biggest challenge. For the most part, we are a population that is ambivalent about its health until we don’t have it anymore. By which point it can be a little too late.

So what makes a healthcare innovation worthy of adoption? It is one that engages the healthy patient community, one that allows healthcare professionals to interact with patients, counsel and guide them and keep them healthy. Portals and mobile apps are the first wave that we’re seeing, but anything that helps with engagement and involvement is key.
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