The Media is Talking About: Importance of Technology Integration for SMBs

CDM Media’s Senior Director of Content & C-Suite Communities, James Quin is regularly cited in various media stories across a variety of industries. But leading up to these article inclusions are many conversations and insightful commentaries which don’t always make the publication. In this weekly (or more!) new section, James shares his responses to a myriad of tech topics he discusses with journalists. 

The Media Wants to Know-

As 2015 creeps towards the end, businesses of every size should be reflecting on plans for technology integration. James Quin shares some thoughts on what small to mid-sized organizations should consider in the new year:

“Technology integration, whether it be infrastructure, applications, or data, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing companies of all sizes today if the information we capture from our clients is anything to go on, more so even than the constant security pressure everyone faces. And while it is an issue for companies of all sizes, it’s the smallest companies that face the biggest struggle because while budgets and resources are proportionally smaller than those at larger companies, technological complexity isn’t. So, as a result, smaller companies really do have to do more with less. Traditionally SMB IT departments have been able to exert a modicum of control over this by carefully selecting their technology (and I say “modicum” because budget often constrained choices to cheaper ones rather than those that integrated best) but disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobility, that put power in the hands of end users, have blown this out of the water. SMB IT departments need to get in front of the cloud and mobility rush and recognize that it actually represents salvation, rather than damnation, and make a shift to well integrated cloud systems to hope to have any chance of managing the problem.”

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