Balancing the Four Pillars of Cybersecurity: Remediation, Vulnerability, Threat Intelligence & Deception

Unless you have totally unhooked from all media sources, not a day goes by that you are not exposed to a new cybersecurity existential threat or a successful nefarious hacking of a company’s data and records. It is a constant fight and a fight that has very serious ramifications if a company is on the losing end.

Adding to the complexity is the ongoing digital transformation of companies to meet the demands of both customers and employees. The need for instantaneous access to myriad pieces of data is seeing the rise of connected homes, offices and factories brought about by the Internet of Things (IoT). More data means more devices exposed to the threats of unwanted intruders.

CISOs and CIOs have many tools at their disposal, but typically not enough resources or time to deal with all of them. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning promise to provide Information security leaders with faster access to threats, but even with these tools the task of securing your employee and customer data can be daunting.

Generally, there are four pillars that security professionals are grappling with to solve this problem:

  • Remediation: Quickly respond to active threats and intrusions
  • Vulnerability: Using tools to identify the most glaring holes in systems and processes
  • Threat Intelligence: What are the most current threats happening at the current moment
  • Deception: Using camouflage to distract and confuse intruders

In Miami, March 25th-28th a group of CISOs and CIOs will come together at our Digital Transformation Summit to learn from each other as well as leading security technology providers and the best practices to balance these four pillars of cybersecurity architectures.

The presentations will include:

Join us at our Digital Transformation Summit in Miami on March 25th – 28th to network and collaborate with these industry experts.

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