CIO & CISO Southern California Summit Recap

While the overall theme of our CIO & CISO Southern California Summits was “digital transformation is a journey, not a destination”, a sub theme was the importance of trust to make digital transformation a reality.

Digital transformation requires speed and agility. Speed requires trust. Trust requires us to engage not only board members and other senior leaders, but also those who will be implementing the key projects that comprise the digital transformation journey. Engaging requires us to be great story tellers of “why”. The reason behind why we need to do what needs to be done. As Nemi George said to us, we need to move from things to people.

Thanks to all who participated, but a special note of thanks to our MC Feroz Merchhiya and our presenters:

We are confident that you created new connections with your peers, uncovered one or more new ideas that will impact your digital transformation efforts and found several new solution providers that can help your achieve your goals. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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