Digital Transformation: Impacts of a Digital Native Customer & Employee Base

We live. We work. We play. We help. We consume. These are relative constant actions of the human race. Humans have been doing these things for thousands of years. However, through the ages there has always been an evolution, or sometimes a revolution, on how we did these things.

In 2018, what does this look like? Clearly we have moved into a mobile-first world. We expect the people we interact with to be ready to respond instantly with a text, a photo or a video. Then, we wonder if something is wrong if we do not get instantaneous responses. This is just one impact of an increasingly “digital native” society.

Now. Here. Whenever I want. The way I want it. Consumers are making brand choices partly on the ability to provide the required customer journey of mobile-first. If a company makes it hard for someone to buy a product via their smart device, they will have a hard time competing for the digital native consumer.

This is true as well for employees. A digital native employee expects to be able to work where and whenever. They are demanding tools to match how they think, how they live, how they process information. Again, a company that makes it hard for their employees to work this way will see either sub-optimum performance or high employee churn.

In Miami, March 25th – 28th, a group of IT leaders (CIOs, CISOs and more) will come together to discuss the implications of the digitally native customer and employee.

One specific topic we will be discussing will be how to travel the road of Digital Transformation while avoiding the inevitable potholes. We are pleased that Keith Fuentes from Samsung will be sharing his insights on:

  • How does mobile enablement directly affect my business?
  • What are digital native consumers demanding from the companies they consume from?
  • Which workers are most likely to demand and/or require new systems and why?
  • Is the cloud really the panacea that it’s cracked up to be?
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and costs of inadequate security.

Click here to join us at our Digital Transformation Summit in Miami on March 25th – 28th to network and collaborate with these industry experts.


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  1. Love! Mobile applications make everything easier and quicker for employees and customers. Thank you Bryce!

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