Machines Are Friends, Not Foes.

Using Cognitive Computing to Interpret Data & Assess Threats

Popular movies, books and television shows typically position advanced technology as a threat to humanity and all we hold dear. We are shown a world in the future where the human condition has been irreversibly impacted in devastating and destructive ways due to the unintended consequences of building machines with cognitive capabilities.

Yet cognitive computing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing and augmented reality (AR) are seemingly omnipresent, promising huge benefits to companies and individuals alike.

I recently moderated a panel discussion with CIOs and CISOs from Fortune 500 companies where we discussed the positive impact that these new technologies are already providing to their various operations.

One analogy debated was the use of autopilots in the airline industry. Every single day millions of people are trusting cognitive computing as they are trusting pilots who are using autopilot to assist them with the more mundane parts of flying a plane. The group discussed the use of AI and ML to help CIOs and CISOs make more, better and faster decisions, but they are STILL making the decisions.

As digital transformation continues to move from buzzword to reality, there continues to be a massive increase in the amount of data available to assess. This data needs to be assessed to make the best business decisions as well as to prioritize which external security threats are the most critical to resolve or prevent.

In Miami, March 25th-28th a group of CIOs, CISOs and other C-level IT and security leaders will come together at the Digital Transformation Summit and further discuss how these cognitive computing technologies can be a “friend” and not a “foe”.

Notable presentations will include:

Join us at our Digital Transformation Summit in Miami on March 25th – 28th to discuss AI, ML and AR with your peers and others industry leaders.

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