Mad Men, Don Draper & Customer Journeys

From architecture to home furnishings to furniture design, Mid-Century Modern seems to be everywhere. Whether it is the clean lines or the associated perceived simplicity of the 1950s, Mid-Century Modern is making a comeback.

While this a popular trend in our personal lives, it clearly is not applicable to our corporate lives, especially for those responsible for marketing and driving demand for their products. Don Draper and his team from the hit series Mad Men had only a very few options available to them: TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. In addition to the limited venues to tell the story, the balance of power was tipped towards the advertiser.  As Don Draper says in the show “People want to be told what to do so badly they’ll listen to anyone.”

Fast forward to 2018 and marketers are faced with two major shifts:

  1. Digital native (and those non-digital native that have adapted) consumers do not wait to be told what to do, feel or think. They drive the story through the myriad social media tools at their disposal.
  2. Digital technologies has totally transformed the customer journey to be cross-channel and omni-channel.

And while we may wish for the simpler days of 1950s advertising, it is never coming back. The marketers today need to be adept at more than the story and the creative process. They need to both understand and make quick decisions based on the data available to them. Cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and customer-acquisition-costs (CAC) are driving marketers to be intensely focused on attribution of marketing budgets to bottom line results.

On March 25th – 28th a group of CMOs and digital marketing leaders will come together at the CMO Digital Transformation Summit to further discuss how digital transformation is impacting today’s customer journey.

Some of the presentations will include:

Join us at our CMO Digital Transformation Summit in Miami on March 25th – 28th to network and collaborate with these industry experts.

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