What is the Real Value of the Tradeshow?

Every year sales and marketing departments must determine the best use of their marketing dollars. For many companies, a substantial chunk of that budget is allocated to conferences, events, tradeshows, etc. However, this decision must be justified with a legitimate return on investment or proven value that attending is worth the price of admission.

So is it worth it?

With booths at tradeshows, you’re often guaranteed to get leads, but they are likely in the form of business cards and, as a result, very cold. While there are instances where these cold leads convert to closed deals, this is only the beginning stage of the long enterprise sales cycle.

Another pro of tradeshow booths is the chance to present in front of a large quantity of prospects and increase your brand awareness with an attention-grabbing, flashy booth.

The price of these tradeshows is another discussion. The larger tradeshows that have more of your targeted customers will be accompanied by a much higher ticket price. Whereas the smaller ones, though less expensive, likely have a smaller pool of prospects.

As stated before, tradeshows provide cold leads via business cards. If you’re in enterprise sales, you know that a cold lead likely places you at the beginning of a 12-24 month cycle. The sales team wants warm leads and because warm leads translate into face-to-face meetings and cultivate personal relationships.

One-on-one interactions have proven success rates. Not only are you tucked away from the noise and chaos, but you have a quiet, intimate environment to thoroughly develop a relationship.

When making the decision, there is value in tradeshow booths in efforts to get in front of a large quantity of prospects. But is this worth the initial investment? In the end, the goal of those leads is to produce a meeting with that prospect so why not skip all the time, energy and resources and go straight to that meeting. CDM Media enables you to shorten to your sales cycles and accelerate your deals to close.

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