2019 Trends for CISOs

Want to know what CISOs and heads of information security from the world’s largest companies are doing this year? Why not hear it from them directly? Join us this year for one of our intimate face-to-face, C-Level events to collaborate, share insights, and solve business challenges. Our agendas will feature some of the top priorities for CISOs in 2019 as highlighted by our governing boards, such as:

Privacy & Compliance
Data security and privacy was front in center in 2018, a year dominated with more lawsuits, breaches, GDPR, etc. Facebook provided a high-profile case study last year on the impact that privacy concerns can have on a business, with share prices in steep decline after a series of widely reported stories surrounding privacy and their use of consumer data. More state, local, and federal governments are implementing their own requirements around data protection as well, and the trend looks to be growing in 2019. As always, cybersecurity will be front and center in 2019, but expect a continued focus and priority around privacy as the world awaits the next round of breaches and corporate missteps.

Insider Threats
As was the case last year, 2019 is poised to be another year where CISOs must address concerns coming from within the perimeter as much as without. Whether mal-intented or simple mistakes, those threats that come are very real and very damaging.  Training staff to identify and avoid phishing or social engineering tactics, looking at better encryption solutions, and taking proactive steps like advanced filtering of executive emails and buying up related domains that could be used against your employees, among other approaches, will be top of mind. Until each department and employee takes up the mantle for vigilance and prevention, no CISO can rest easy feeling they’ve adequately prepared their organization for the myriad threats they’ll be facing in the next 12 months.

Automation, AI & Moving to a Proactive Approach
2019 looks to be another step forward in leveraging the combined power of automation and artificial intelligence to get on the front foot in the fight against bad actors and cyber threats. While blocking and tackling against urgent vulnerabilities won’t go away this year, CISOs are looking at new ways to address some of the core problems that make those common issues more pressing and address them before they occur using automation, good security practices, encryption, etc. Artificial intelligence will play a role here as well, as more tools are created and made available to automate and amplify some of the existing efforts of the security team, as well as freeing them up to focus more of their time on proactive approaches and mission-critical security initiatives.

Talent Attraction & Retention
A perennial topic of importance, CISOs must continue to look for new and creative ways to find and attract top talent, train and develop them in their careers, and keep them fulfilled in their roles to create the team of security all-stars needed to tackle these huge security initiatives. Many CISOs bemoan the talent pool available to them, and some are taking outside-the-box approaches to find and attract new hires from non-traditional parts of the organization and fields not traditionally associated with information security. CISOs are embracing their role as executive management like never before and taking the reins when it comes to their staff, as they understand how critical having the right team with the right skills will be to their success.

Digital Transformation
While the entire organization is implementing digital initiatives to transform the enterprise, CISOs must work in 2019 to ensure that security is a business priority in all of those decisions and projects. When the culture of the company is changing to embrace the new digital era and make a new future around technology, that embrace must include a focus on security that hasn’t always been as involved or as prominent in the past. Look for CISOs to play a even more business-focused role in 2019 and see more of their time going to these types of boardroom discussions and business-focused topics.

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