2019 Trends for CIOs


Want to know what CIOs and heads of technology from the world’s largest companies are doing this year? Why not hear it from them directly? Join us this year for one of our intimate face-to-face C-Level events to collaborate, share insights, and solve business challenges. Our agendas will feature some of the top priorities for CIOs in 2019 as highlighted by our governing boards, such as:

Artificial Intelligence
The practical value of AI/machine learning will be to do more with less in 2019.  With budgets stretched to accommodate major initiatives around executing Digital Transformation plans, AI provides an avenue to automate and “outsource” some of the operational and core functions, as well performing tasks at scale without putting additional burden on staff. AI is also proving its merit in the area of cybersecurity as technology teams look to tackle the immense tasks of securing their data in age of digital transformation. Paying off the promise of big data, too, will rely on the effectiveness of AI and machine learning to mine data lakes for the insights and business opportunities that lie within. Lastly, the customer-facing value of AI tools will also be a key area of investment, as companies continue to examine the business cases in this category for new ways to improve customer experience and shorten the path to revenue.

Digital Transformation
Much of 2018 focused around the challenges of planning a digital-first future for the enterprise. Now comes the “transformation” part, or the execution of those strategies. The majority of enterprises last year reported being no more than 30% of the way through implementing digital transformation initiatives, and 2019 will see a push to mature that vision to a more fully-executed reality. As CIOs move away from looking at internal IT operations and instead looking at business operations, expect new projects to be added to those strategies as well. Delivering quickly on technology that can impact customer experiences, modernize internal processes, and turn data in actionable insights will be the priority in 2019. Also of note will be continuing internally focused aspects of Digital Transformation that impact organization structure, talent attraction/retention, training and more. CIOs will continue to look at new and innovative ways to move their responsibilities from delivering the operational functions of IT and instead look to deliver data-driven insights to change the way the organization functions and serves its customers.

Investments in 2018 into blockchain technology remained tepid as enterprises are still feeling out the value and application of the technology. While analysts continue to recommend strategies that prepare the enterprise for the use of blockchain-based tools to better secure transactions and increase the speed of business, CIOs are still looking for use cases that will demonstrate the real value of blockchain before diving in with both feet. Look for an expansion of blockchain-based test cases in 2019 as the technology proves its value and strategies mature.

Data security and privacy was front in center in 2018, a year dominated with more lawsuits, breaches, GDPR, and more. Facebook provided a high-profile case study last year on the impact that privacy concerns can have on a business, with share prices in steep decline after a series of high-profile stories surrounding privacy and their use of consumer data. As always, cybersecurity will be front and center in 2019, but expect a continued focus and priority around privacy as the world awaits the next round of breaches.

Core Systems/Infrastructure Modernization
Running the digital-first enterprise of tomorrow on yesterday’s technology foundation is not practical. To execute Digital Transformation strategies effectively, CIOs will have to look at the underpinnings of their architecture to handle increased workloads and data volumes. Whether that is doubling down on cloud infrastructure, improving networking optimization, or looking at data storage, there’s a lot of core system functionality that will receive attention and investment in 2019 to enable all those shiny, new digital initiatives.

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