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Dear readers,

Back in September 2008 (one year in to founding CDM) we ran our very first summit for C-level execs in financial services. Little did we know that Lehamn Bros, Bear Stearns , WAMU and others would (unfortunately) declare bankruptcy four days before our very 1st gathering in Scottsdale, AZ. The summit (somehow) run exceptionally well and we ‘bared the storm’

This is different, but COVID-19 has businesses concerned and the event industry is no different. Large scale events like SXSW & RSA are seeing premier sponsors back out. The Mobile World Congress was cancelled and major companies like Visa, Facebook, and Ford are limiting work travel for their employees.

At CDM Media, we host/support 300+ events every year. We specialize in local, intimate summits, think tanks, and roundtable dinners which are very different to the large scale global/national events that we’ve seen cancelling/shifting in days gone by. With smaller numbers, comes more contained environments but even still, we are closely following constant updates surrounding the Coronavirus to make sure we are keeping our attendees & partners as safe as possible. My team are following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as keeping up to date on travel restrictions, whilst seeking general advice from local government agencies/officials. In addition, we’ve spoken to all our event host partners who will be playing their part to provide locations that are safe and sanitized. Proactive management has helped our clients/attendees prepare and plan with purpose. Knowing that, our number one priority is people’s health and safety.

Right now it’s business as usual for our events and given the outstanding support from both our C-Suite community and event partners, we’re very optimistic that our events will go ahead as planned. For our part, we will continue with our relentless efforts to make them incredible learning, sharing, and networking experiences.

The ripple effect of concern surrounding this virus can be felt in various industries and communities. We have ongoing discussions with our staff about keeping them safe and following protocols set by the WHO and CDC. Like most other industries, precaution is key and we will continue to do what is in the best interest of safety, for everyone involved.

Glenn Willis

PS- We urge all CDM event attendees to adopt the ‘virtual handshake’ (elbow pump/heel tap) at our upcoming events.

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