Today is a Special Day: CDM Media’s 10th Anniversary

Wow. It’s been an incredible ride. From early on I set the goal of being the number one company in the C-Suite marketing and demand generation space. It was a bold idea for what was a very new and somewhat unknown market. Through the ups and downs (and there have been plenty of both) there haven’t been many constants in my life—my family, location (Chicago/Hawaii/NYC), and strangely enough—you, the CDM Media community; EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS alike. From my first founding days at the company (when I was deeply in need of sleep, more bootstrap money and some outside reassurance that I was doing the right thing), to the incredible rush of sealing our first deal with a Fortune 500 client within 90 days of ‘opening the doors’, to becoming one of America’s fastest growing private companies’ just six short years later. It felt like the sky was the limit and the great thing from my perspective is, it still is! Even in the darkest hours of the past decade, when I’ve felt the most alone, dispondent and over-extended, you’ve been there too.

I get to see a lot of you in person at our office locations, summits and events around the world. But I also get to see you right here online—on LinkedIn, Twitter or through email. Your support, loyalty, empathy, and unwavering belief that CDM Media could and would do great things has been astonishing and a challenge that I constantly strive to meet.

People say that time flies, and I’ve learned that it certainly does when you don’t need look at the clock each day. I suppose in any way you look at it (3,652 days, 87,648 hours or 5,258,880 minutes) 10 years is a long time and I’ve just been lucky enough to be afforded that opportunity to be at CDM Media. Very few things in our lives or in the world last that long—the average tech startup struggles to make it to the two year marker! For that, I’m honored and humbled that you’ve stuck with us all that time, and I promise that in the decade ahead, CDM Media will deliver in the areas you need most by supporting team members, partnering with all of our customers and executing upon our plan. We will strive to be the best company you would wish to be associated with.

Whilst I reminisce about the past ten years today, I am thinking much more about CDM Media’s future. I believe whole-heartedly in our plan and in the market we serve. We believe in assisting with human connections that others find arduous and sometimes impossible. We aim to support our clients sales and marketing goals through the power of ‘face-to-face’ C-Suite marketing. To secure large enterprise clients, the good old handshake and two humans finding a common ground is here to stay AND so are we. We will strive to bring invaluable business connections together along with supreme content curation supported by the best thought-leaders in our industry, whilst delivering remarkable events and services that everyone can gain benefit from.

Thank you for the ten remarkable years of partnership, warmth, friendship and support. We have accomplished a lot together and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without you. But what matters most now is what we do next. As we move along that path, I hope you’ll keep holding us to high standards, and telling us when we’ve met your expectations and when we’ve let you down.

Thank you for helping make CDM Media a fantastic company now and for decades to come.

Here’s to the next 10 years:

With deep appreciation,

Glenn Willis

Why Tradeshows Rarely Work

Selling a complex solution to a Fortune 1000 Enterprise is extremely difficult. Whether you approach the enterprise sales dilemma from a marketing point of view or from a sales point of view, the process can be both long and frustrating. Over the past 10 years of being immersed in the enterprise B2B sales ecosystem, CDM Media has learned three key points:

  1. The sales cycle, from the first touch (by phone or email) to the contract signature, can be frustratingly long. Our research shows that the average length of a complex solution sale cycle ranges from 12-18 months.
  2. The idea that there is a single decision maker is truly a myth – they don’t exist.  Instead, on average, 5+ people need to approve a purchase of a new complex solution.
  3. Up to 50% of this lengthy sales cycle is spent working to get a face-to-face meeting with one of those 5+ decision makers.

This process has led to the short life cycles of those held most responsible for building a robust pipeline of highly qualified opportunities for the sales team.  Studies show that CMOs and VPs of Marketing have a corporate shelf life that is nearly half as long (or should I say short) as the rest of the C-suite.  In spite of myriad marketing automation tools, massive amounts of creative content, cold calling tools and techniques, account based marketing and the rise of social media marketing, the sales cycle is what it is — long.  And the sales cycle can be as long as the average tenure of a CMO — 18 months.

We have seen some try to solve this through meeting one of these 5+ Decision Makers at large B2B tradeshows or exhibitions, but these seem to rarely work.  What are the odds that a C-level decision maker is attending a tradeshow and even if they do, what are the odds they will drop by your booth and engage in a 30-minute detailed discussion?

While the numbers tell a story that can seem troubling there is a number that brings hope:

OASIS Announces Keynote Speaker for Borderless Cyber Europe

Borderless Cyber banner

Today’s digital threats are more numerous and sophisticated than ever. As a result, many in the security industry feel organizations can no longer adequately defend their networks by themselves. Those analysts feel the threat environment is evolving too quickly. Modern threats know no boundaries, they argue, which is why companies and governments alike need to work together to improve their state of preparedness.

Recognizing that need for collaboration, OASIS (who has partnered with CDM Media on our CISO global event portfolio) will be hosting Borderless Cyber Europe on 8-9 September, 2016 in Brussels.

In collaboration with its partners, OASIS has designed the conference to provide expert insight on the international advances in threat sharing intelligence. More specifically, attendees will learn how to take advantage of existing or build their own threat intelligence sharing communities as well as access digital threat information. Industry experts will infuse those lessons with their own real-world use cases involving threat information sharing, which will empower security practitioners to enact change at their respective organizations after the conference.

Delegates will hear from keynote speaker, Andrus Ansip, vice Andrus_Ansip Portraitpresident for the European Commission’s Digital Single Market initiative, who has been instrumental in negotiating the EU-US Privacy Shield designed to protect user privacy while allowing for trans-Atlantic trade.

“Data flows between our two continents are essential to our society and economy – we now have a robust framework ensuring these transfers take place in the best and safest conditions.” Ansip said.

The nature of today’s threats is such that information security professionals aren’t the only ones who should be learning about digital threats.

For an organization to improve its state of preparedness, the chief information security officer (CISO) and other IT security managers also need to keep their thumb on the pulse of the latest threat information. That effort should involve the following:

• Understanding how the EU-United States Privacy Shield is designed to protect users’ privacy and what implications it will have for their organization.
• Leveraging the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to understand their data protection risks as they oversee the development and operation of cybersecurity programs.
• Learning how to automate threat intelligence sharing and how to respond to threats more quickly by making use of new simplified versions of STIX, TAXII and CybOX.

Borderless Cyber Europe will explore all of these topics and more.

To help executives capitalize on the latest threat intelligence, OASIS would like to extend a special VIP CISO conference pass to executives responsible for developing, influencing and managing cyber threat information, risk management and corporate governance in the public and private sectors.

CISOs in the CDM community who are interested in receiving a VIP pass are asked to contact by the closing date midnight (PST) 31 July 2016.

Those who are selected will be notified by 5 August. (Please note that travel, subsistence, and other expenses will not be covered by the pass.)

By design, Borderless Cyber Europe will provide a collaborative, peer-to-peer exchange of information through interactive sessions that encourage attendees to share best practices, successful case studies, and insight into how threats can be managed and resolved. Security practitioners and managers alike can then take those insights and use them to build relationships and make the most out of threat information sharing tools/open source standards at the organizational level.

Please join OASIS in September by registering for Borderless Cyber Europe today!

This post comes courtesy from one of CDM Media’s trusted partners. Whether it be an industry association or a news outlet, our partners provide a fresh perspective on trending topics in innovation. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS promotes industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for security, Internet of Things, cloud computing, energy, content technologies, emergency management, and other areas. For more information, visit

Favorite Event Venues

Finding the perfect venue for an event that will not only meet the expectations of your attendees but also look the part can be difficult but with 80 annual summits, CDM Media has this perfected. While we use venues from San Francisco to Paris to Cape Town and everywhere in between, we definitely have our favorites!

With the help of our event management and delegation teams, we have narrowed down the list to our top 5 favorite venues!

1. Ritz-Carlton Montreal: Fun fact – the Ritz-Carlton Montreal was the first Ritz-Carlton built! Our team all agreed this was their favorite venue! Not only does it have a historic presence but is also top-notch with their customer service.

ritz inside montreal

2. The Landmark London: This luxury hotel is one of the most popular 5 star hotels in London and among our events team. The combination of British elegance and amazing facilities has us swoon!

landmark london

3. The Westin Paris – Vendome: What’s not to love about Paris? Especially if you’re staying at the Westin Paris. It’s centrally-located and is walking distance from shopping and sightseeing. This hotel mixes Parisian chic with modern design and technology.

westin vendome terrace

4. The Phoenician: This award-winning luxury resort has our hearts! Not only is the weather superb but the view is amazing! Guests can enjoy the exquisite gold course, also!

phoenician balcany

5. JW Marriott Chicago: Located in one of the world’s most powerful financial districts and in the heart of one of the largest cities in the U.S., the JW Marriott Chicago is a downtown favorite. This landmark Chicago luxury hotel displays the renowned architecture of world-famous Daniel Burnham.

jw marriott chicago

Find out where else our CDM Media team travels for our global portfolio of events here!

Top 5 Travel Accessories

If you’re hyper-organized and a frequent-flyer like the gals from our Client Services Event Management team, you know all the tricks of the trade for efficient and stress-free traveling! In case you’re not, we have broken it down to the top five most valuable travel accessories, according to Event Manager Kelsey Freese.

girl at airport

1. Portable phone charger: “We always carry fully-charged portable phone chargers with us to the airport. A dead phone is not an option! Plus, they barely take up any space in my purse or carry-on.”

2. Something cozy: “A scarf that doubles as a blanket is the perfect item to keep you comfortable and warm in the airport and during the plane ride.”

3. Vitamin C: “I always make sure to not only drink Emergen-C before traveling but I pack a few packets, too! It’s inevitable one of us usually gets sick after travelling but this helps keep us healthy and moving.”

4. In-flight entertainment: “Before I head to the airport, I double check that I have my headphones and my iPad. The other girls bring their books, too. We make sure we have something to keep us entertained.”

5. Refillable water bottle: “If you’re an avid traveler, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on water bottles and snacks. I always have an empty refillable water bottle in tote. After security, I fill it up and avoid purchasing a bottled water. I bring my own snacks, too!”


Curious about where our team is globe trotting to around the world? Check out our global portfolio of summits here!

The Media Wants to Know: The Impact of HITECH Act and HIPAA on Healthcare IT Outsourcing

CDM Media’s Senior Director of Content & C-Suite Communities, James Quin is regularly cited in various media stories across a variety of industries. But leading up to these article inclusions are many conversations and insightful commentaries which don’t always make the publication. In this weekly (or more!) new section, James shares his responses to a myriad of tech topics he discusses with journalists. 

A proposed regulation under the HITECH Act will provide healthcare consumers the right to learn of personal data disclosures. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists now need to focus on regulators’ renewed attention to this long-dormant HIPAA issue. James Quin weighs-in on the storyhands

“The issues with breach notification are numerous, as we’ve seen in other industries. First is the assessment of what was breached and who was affected – regulators tend to err on the side of ‘if you can’t define exactly who/what was affected, you must assume everyone/everything.’ This makes breach notification significantly more complex and more expensive. As a result, the first hurdle to overcome is being in a position to actually understand what is happening with your data at all times. This brings us to the outsourcing-specific angle, that being responsibility in the event of data loss – who holds it between the client and the provider and what measures and controls can be put in place contractually to manage any potential breach.”

Join our #CIOchat, September 2nd, 2015 at 2:30pm ET

James Quin, Sr. Director of Content and C-Suite Communites and our  #CIOchat moderator.

Date: September 2nd, 2015

Time: 2:30 ET

Place: Twitter #CIOchat

Topic: Role of the CIO

About the Topic

Since the inception of the role, the focus of the CIO has primarily been one of Technologist and IT Operations Manager; selecting the tools and services necessary to support the business, and then efficiently and effectively operating them. This is a future of declining organizational value however as technology becomes increasingly democratized and other organizational groups take control over individual systems and data sets. CIOs need to recast themselves instead as Strategists and Business Innovators; leveraging their unique position at the crux of the organization to propose alternatives to the accepted way of doing things, and to drive organizational growth through business alignment and organizational change.

About the Moderator

James Quin – Senior Director of Content and C-Suite Communities, CDM Media

James is directly responsible for the experience and engagement of all conference attendees and the broader community of executives that CDM Media works with. James comes to CDM Media from the Info-Tech Research Group where his eight years of experience as a Senior Analyst, Lead Analyst, and Director of Research have given him unique insights into the challenges facing the C-Suite. Prior to joining the Info-Tech Research Group James held both consultant and practitioner roles, building hands-on experience over a ten year period. James is an accomplished and in-demand public speaker. He will be the moderator for all of the twitter chats that are sponsored by CDM Media.

Twitter Chat Housekeeping Rules

Rules are not here to govern the participants on anything rather to ensure that everyone’s experience throughout the twitter chat is a positive one. Please be respectful to the chat and those participating by following these few guidelines. Thank you in advance!

  • Use the hashtag in EVERY tweet so participants can see your great insights! (#CIOchat)
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We would love to continue our Twitter Chat with the community, therefore any suggested topics that you are interested in proposing can be proposed on here. Please enter any proposition for a chat topic and we will try our best to accommodate.

For an easier twitter chat experience we suggest the use of a twitter tool to organize your tweets. Suggested tools are: Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and TweetChat

To RSVP and mark your calendar for this event, please click here.

What Should CIOs Expect From Telecom in 2016

The following guest post comes courtesy from one of CDM Media’s trusted partners. Whether it be an industry association or a news outlet, our partners provide a fresh perspective on trending topics in innovation. The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. The Council connects the companies who are building communication networks, with the people and ideas that are creating it – by putting those companies, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise from across the globe together in the same room. For more information visit


What Should CIOs Expect From Telecom in 2016

by Derek Kerton, Managing Partner, Kerton Group

It used to be that changes in the services of telecom carriers needed to be followed closely by CIOs…with a check in about once-a-decade! Telecoms earned a reputation as the classic dinosaurs – slow to change, and resistant to innovation not invented in their own labs. But things are quite different in the new century. Fiber, wireless, IP packetization, and virtualization have radically changed the structure of telco networks, and pressure from Over-The-Top (OTT) competitors has lit a fire under the telecom industry, and standing still is no longer an option.

That’s good news for enterprise IT departments and their leaders. The range of options and services is blossoming, and the ability to get competitive bids means that prices are always dropping. More for less? Sounds good, right? Until, of course, one considers the complexity and risk involved in changing telecom providers and adopting new services. So, what’s on tap over the next year from the telecom industry, and what should IT departments be looking for?

For the answers, we at the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley turn to our carrier members, global telecom operators who represent 2.5 Billion end subscriber accounts. Each year, we poll the carriers at the Silicon Valley-based TC3 Summit (Telecom Council Carrier Connections) meeting, and we ask what the top innovation priorities are for them for the next calendar year. This year’s meeting is coming up September 30 – October 1, and we’re already hearing from the operators what they will be sharing.

The hot topics for the next year look to include:

  • More cloudification, with hybrid to retain key data, and cloudify for peak loads and collaboration
  • XaaS – the third stage evolution of datacenters is anything As A Service
  • Virtualization – borrowing from enterprise IT, telco is virtualizing the network
  • 5G – opportunities for redundancy, mobile workforce, and high speed wireless networks
  • IoT – Connecting equipment, sensors, relays, people, trucks, and equipment to the network

With those changes, carriers are enhancing the services they can offer enterprise, and blurring the lines between the carrier network and that of enterprise customers. If you are interested in hearing more about what the carriers will be discussing at TC3, there is an easy way. Just tune into the free TC3 preview webinar with China Mobile, BT, and Rogers on Thurs. Sept 3 at 2pm ET / 11am PT.


The Media is Talking About: “Possible Cyber Security Workforce Shortage?”


CDM Media is regularly cited in various media stories across a variety of industries. But leading up to these article inclusions are many conversations and insightful commentaries which don’t always make the publication. In this weekly (or more!) new section, we share responses to a myriad of tech topics discussed with journalists.CyberSecWorkers

With the booming cyber security market, can there really be a shortage when it comes to qualified cyber security workers? In a recent interview for InfoSec Magazine, James Quin said “absolutely:”

The shortage of security resources is one of the biggest problems in the industry at this point, and it’s not simply a problem at the bottom of the totem pole, it’s a problem all the way up. There aren’t enough analysts, there aren’t enough managers, and there aren’t enough CISOs to go around. There are a couple of compounding reasons for this. Firstly, information security historically has been seen as a bit of a niche field – it has never passively attracted that many people and given much of the negative connotation that surrounded security roles people didn’t stay in them particularly long either. So, not a good pipeline of new recruits coming in, nor of those staff maturing into more senior roles.

Secondly, security has of late become significantly more important in the eyes of the business and the world because of the boom in the number, nature, and complexity of security threats that exist. To address this we need to get back to basics, and building that initial pipeline.

A number of the CISOs we work with are actively building relationships with universities to build that pipeline and are in essence growing their own recruits and this really is the best way to go but it’s a slow process because without recruits you don’t get analysts, without analysts you don’t get managers, and without managers you don’t get CISOs.

CDM Media Turns Eight: Mike Deedigan Interview

As we gear up to celebrate CDM Media’s eighth anniversary, we’re sharing interviews with our longest tenured employees about their fondest and funniest memories and what CDM Media means to them (with classic photos, of course). Hope you enjoy.

Mike Deedigan

Tell us about your role at CDM Media. 

I am responsible for managing the recruiting process from end-to-end, including developing the resource plans, strategies, and action plans for candidate sourcing across the company.  Following the selection of candidates, I coordinate the induction of all staff with the relevant department heads.  For the sales teams, I conduct the company induction training program and provide the heads of sales the tools to educate, assess, manage, and develop the performance of the sales teams.

Why did you join CDM Media? How many years have you been on board? 

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, for a few different event companies, prior to joining CDM, it was refreshing to hear the different ideas and plans that Glenn had to evolve from the norm and differentiate CDM from other organizations in the market.  I knew that with those ideas and the passion behind them to be a big success; I was joining a company that was definitely going places and was joining at the right time when I was offered a role.  Of course the idea of living in Hawaii for 6 months prior to a relocation to Chi town was also pretty attractive in itself!  I will have been with CDM 5 years on the 15th of August

How has CDM Media impacted your career?

It has impacted my career immensely and has given me the opportunity to develop a wide range of my abilities.  Having been involved in the build out and growth of 5 different offices in 4 different cities and 2 countries, meeting many good people along the way, you learn a huge amount about yourself, others and how to get things done.   I have enjoyed watching not just the impact CDM Media has had on my own career but that of many others within the company over the past 5 years and the enormous opportunities the company has offered them and myself.  There has been a lot of great success shared over what has been a fantastic journey so far.

Do you have a most memorable experience?

There have been many memorable moments for me over the past 5 years however, one of my favorites and earliest memories was the very first CDM Christmas party I attended.  The venue was outside in Hawaii at a luxury hotel overlooking the beach and ocean, a setting that has been proven hard to beat.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDM Media?

The company is always striving to get better and better. As a company we never want to settle with any type of complacency. The company provides a platform that gives everyone involved the opportunity to perform better than they did the day before, every day that we turn up.

If CDM Media were a person, what would you buy as an anniversary present? 

Well a good bottle of champagne of course on an anniversary!